Why we're saying Bye Felicia to Microblading! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Ok, so after a year of Microblading at London Fromson brow + beauty bar we have chosen to say Bye, Girl Bye to the blades and are moving forward with a revolutionary treatment for y'all's brows that is non-invasive, a much quicker process and gives THE most DOPE results! You can learn more about The London (eye)BROW Lift™ in our next blog, so stay tuned!

After toying with the idea of still offering Microblading we decided as a team that it just is not for us. There are definitely benefits to Microblading but, honestly, we found that the lack of education and lack of regulation over the service HIGHLY outweighed any of the good - not to mention the risks attached to the procedure. Did you know that NOBODY regulates Microblading in California? Literally anybody can walk in to a class, pay a few thousand dollars, and walk out certified - give or take a few more, simple steps (taking an online test, getting a Hep B vaccination - if you want to - and, proving that you're 18 years old). MIND BLOWN!!!

We're not denying that the initial result of Microblading can look phenomenal - however, over time, after so many touch ups, it really is difficult to prevent what was once clean, crisp strokes from appearing to look like one big, blurred brow tattoo. Saying that, we do have a few local LA Artists that we follow whose work we really do enjoy and you can check out their artistry here: Laura Roberts Brows, Perfect Frame Microblading, Hayley Buckner Brows and Beverly Hills Microblading.

So while we're not hating on Microblading (because honestly, who even has time for that?) we're just moving forward with a revolutionary service that is the perfect fit for us, our salon, and all of y'all's brows! ;-)




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